Our Story

I started this endeavor in September 2012 after a long overdue visit home to Houston Texas to visit my brother. During my visit, he explained his current employment of running a bar inventory service. He has been employed in the Bar business going on 35 years ranging from bartending, managing, Bar owner and now Bar inventory service provider for the past 15 years.

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Our Management System Solutions

Liquor Audit Control provides a cloud-based solution for liquor auditing and stock control.

Liquor Inventory 

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Business Solutions

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Purchase Order 

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What our clients say

Venue owners looking for solutions to shrinkage? Let us put you in contact with one of our inventory professionals.

If you're an inspiring entrepreneur wanting to start your own bar inventory business, LAC has you covered. No project is too big or small. Contact us today and get started. No need to take out a second mortgage- you will be surprised!

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Our Vision

Dedicated to provide bar owners, managers and inventory service providers the latest bar inventory innovations, the LAC system is stringently tested with bar Inventory service providers who regularly inventory up to 60 bars a week. Working to with their feedback, LAC was able to develop a variety of professional bar inventory control solutions at an affordable price.