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Liquor Audit Control

​Bar Inventory Solutions

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If you're  an inspiring  entrepreneur wanting to start your own bar inventory business, LAC has you covered. No project is too big or small. Contact us  today and get started. No need to take out a second mortgage- you will be surprised!

BevControl has developed a unique, computerized process that compares the exact (by the drink) amount of product actually dispensed during the reporting period against the amount of product recorded as sold through the point of sale POS and then displays those variances within an easy to read interactive dashboard report. With BevControl, bar operators can discover real, fact-based opportunities to improve their profitability and revenue streams.

BevControl is dedicated to nightclub and Bar owners across the country to help them save money and grow their businesses. Every year, the hospitality industry loses 25% due to theft, over-pouring, carelessness and waste. Our system combine science, technology and strategy to ensure the kind of accountability which results in remarkably accurate control of alcohol inventory. 

Reduced liquor costs, increase sales, and recoup unrealized profits.

Reports that indicate exactly where the issues exist in your liquor Inventory and sales.

 No expensive hardware to purchase, use your own computer! 

Streamlined ordering process that allows you to only order stock you actually need.

Assurance that your staff are making drinks according to your recipes.

Affordable pricing .Easy to learn and use.

Unlimited support, training and upgrades.

​​​​​​​​​What Clients are saying about LAC's 

system and our business partners.

​Are your bartenders maximizing your revenue behind the bar?

Do they know your cocktail recipes and serving sizes?

Are they consistently over pouring, giving away drinks, ringing the wrong sales?

What would it mean to your business if you could increase your sales by 10-20% ? 

Bar Inventory Software