About Us

Following a visit to Houston in 2012, LAC founder Paul Kettle figured there has to be a better way of conducting a bar inventory. In consultation with his brother, a bar inventory service provider, Paul transformed the primitive spreadsheet-based customer report and inventory system into an fast, accurate and easy to use application.

Partnering with UK-based software expert Archanis, Paul developed a unique cloud-based application that compares the exact amount (by the drink) of product dispensed during the reporting period against the amount of product recorded as sold through the point of sale (POS), displaying any variances within an easy to read interactive dashboard report. With LAC software, bar operators can discover real, fact-based opportunities to improve their profitability and revenue streams.

I started this endeavor in September 2012 after a long overdue visit home to Houston Texas to visit my brother. During my visit, he explained his current employment of running a bar inventory service. He has been employed in the Bar business going on 35 years ranging from bartending, managing, Bar owner and now Bar inventory service provider for the past 15 years. I noticed he was spending long hours after work on his computer preparing customer reports using a primitive excel spreadsheet. At that time he had 25 customers, 6 of which were high volume bars. He explained the process and details of his business and I was intrigued. I wanted to help by reducing time spent on his computer after work so more time could be spent with his family. We looked into purchasing software but choices were limited and the ones he tried did not meet his requirements. He also looked into purchasing a franchise with Bevinco/Bevintel but the cost was highly unacceptable and terms restrictive.

I am retired military, served for over 20 years and well versed in Microsoft applications from my military experience in operations and as a laboratory manager in a military hospital I was working in after retirement.  I am well versed in managing complex data, databases and analyzing properties of whole blood. So I was thinking, what’s the difference if I apply this knowledge, experience and principles to analyzing Liquor, Beer, Draft and Wine? This in my mind is too easy.

So over 18 months, my brother provided the content and user interface requirements of the software and I designed it. The last I checked, we are on version 13. He uses the software on a continuous bases with up to 40 customers a week now. As a result, reports now take less than 5 minutes to create. Many of his accounts are completed with reports in hand before leaving the bar only 20 minutes later. My original intent was only to provide an application to help my brother. But the positive feedback received from his customers and users was overwhelming so we decided to market this application to the public. We have become very proficient in the collaboration process with weekly desktop sharing (JoinMe), phone, e-mail and the use of cloud OneDrive from Microsoft.

My brother and I make a good team with over 55 years of experience combined in Bar operations and software development. You can rest assured that you will be receiving a proven product.

Paul Kettle, Owner LACS