Below are frequently asked questions and answers updated on a regular basis.

Yes, our new cloud based system was specifically designed with that goal in mind.

Yes, our enterprise level application allows you to setup multiple clients and view separately or on a smart reporting or dashboard platform. You can also configure personal reports based on specific criteria.


Yes, our system is fully functional with our recommended Scale,  BT adapter and Barcode scanner. Users can also choose to point open products however, weighing open products is most accurate and recommended.

Yes! See start your own business section.

If you plan to enter weights manually, yes. If you want to automate weight entry, you will need to use a specific scale we recommend.

Yes, LAC provides a dedicated training site with videos for active clients.

We also conduct optional one-on-one desktop link training sessions on request.

Clients can opt to schedule an on-site visit for training for an additional cost.

LAC provides email and phone support for active clients.

Yes, on the contact page, submit a request for a demo with a time that is convenient for you. An LAC rep will reply with details of the demo.

The demo will be conducted via desktop link that we will provide.

For venue managed systems- An initial one time setup fee that will vary based on your POS system, number of users, number venues and level of support needed starting at $250-$1000. A monthly per venue subscription fee will apply starting at $250-$400 and can offer volume discounts to multi-venue companies. A $1000 annual maintenance fee will apply to the account.

For an audit business system- please see start your own business page.

LAC web application can be used in any internet browser. For best results, we recommend a Windows 2-in-1 device.

Our offline scanner app must be used on a Windows device. Recommended minimal configuration:

Windows 10 professional, 500GB SSD HD, 8GB RAM, touchscreen, HID Bluetooth, WIFI, Microsoft Office installed.