Start Your Own Business

LAC as a new business

If you're an inspiring entrepreneur wanting to start your own bar inventory business, LAC has you covered.

LAC is offering licensing opportunities to individuals who would like to get involved in the liquor inventory business. If you have extensive bar management experience and would like to put these skills to use in a way that allows you to build your own business, then this may be a great opportunity for you.

We offer an affordable subscription based product to help you be successful.

Earn 6 figures with little overhead, or debt.

Benefits of using LAC software to start your own business:

  • Unrestricted rights to expanded geographic territories, allowing you to expand your service in your area using our software. 
  • Use of LAC’s,  marketing, sales, and training materials.
  • A mentoring process involving training, and support from the people who created the system with over 35 years of experience in the bar industry. 
  • Use our branding and website for marketing.
  •  Hands off approach from LAC meaning this is your business and we will provide expert consultation and technical support as needed. Though LAC will provide advice, tips and suggestions, all business related operations is the business owner’s responsibility. 

Interested? Contact us today to discuss potential software licensing and business opportunities with Liquor Audit Control.


Our product line provides key benefits which our are grounded on the LAC philosophy