The LAC System

What LAC does:

LAC is a cloud-based solution that allows a business to establish a baseline liquor inventory, and conduct regular audits to correlate the difference between usage and stock loss.

The LAC solution allows the user to conduct inventory and audits, capture invoices, and run reports against captured data.

How LAC works:

Usage is determined from timed inventory audits that define an inventory period, which is the time lapsed between two consecutive inventories. The recommended time between two inventory audits is one week. The results from the current inventory, including invoices, are subtracted from the previous week’s inventory results to determine how much product stock has depleted. 

An inventory is conducted by counting and weighing your liquor

Full bottles of liquor, draft kegs and wine bottles are counted and all open bottles and kegs are weighed. Cases of beer and singles are also counted.

POS sales

Every product an establishment sells should have an individual POS key associated with it and all POS keys need to be set up in the LAC application. Entering POS keys, recipes and pour sizes into our software is a one-time setup process. You only need to edit them if they change. LAC then assigns POS keys to the recipes inventory products within the system. By doing this, each individual sale can be directly assigned to an individual product for appropriate comparison. This comparison will display usage, sales, their variances, potential sales, actual and potential cost percentages and ratings for each individual product. 

Run a report from your POS system for the same time period that your inventory period represents. Once the sales data has been imported into the LAC application, the software does the rest.

Based on this data, LAC will then generate reports which displays for example

  • a summary comparison of shots, ounces and milliliters of liquor, draft and wine sold versus the total numbers used.
  • Total number of beers sold compared to those used.
  • Most importantly, the report will display total usage, total sales and their variances, actual and potential total sales and cost percentages, and total ratings for each category

The LAC system thus helps you gain control of your liquor costs to maximize profits.

As most POS systems are rarely setup properly, our service providers will help with help refine your recipes and keys to ensure accurate data. 

Two simple rules to follow when setting up your POS system, 
1. A single POS key should represent exactly what is poured, quantity poured and sale price.
2. This same POS key cannot be used for any other sales. One key per product. 

Issues that commonly occur are:

POS keys that are no longer associated to any product you sell.
Seasonal products that remain in the system
Modifiers and catch all keys - Rocks, and $2 dollar draft or shots etc...   we will help refine your recipes to account for every drop sold. 

An unrealistic mix drink menu - Drink menus should consist of a manageable number of products to satisfy your customer base and provide bartenders a manageable reference so they know what should be poured. A big loss of revenue occurs frequently with mix drinks if bartenders are free to pour whatever they want. Hold your staff accountable to these recipes.

Our software allows you to print or export your mix drink recipes for reference by you staff. Some owners place the recipe workbook on a tablet PC behind the Bar so all can reference if needed. Mix drink POS keys and their recipes need to be initially setup into our software. Recipes do not need to be setup in the POS system, only a valid key. After initial setup, they only need to be edited if products, keys or recipes change. 

These requirements are not unrealistic and are standard practice for many successful bars.