LAC Tips

Set your Par

An inventory Par refers to a minimum amount of inventory which you would like to have on hand at all times. Set pars have tremendous value if done properly. With a set par you typically should never run out of any items or forget to order any items. By utilizing a set par you'll simply replenish what you used during a specific period, which helps to improve cash flow provided that you have your cost under control. Our software allows you to easily identify product used during the current inventory period to re-order.


The more volume you do, the more you should inventory your items. I know that inventory is time consuming and boring; however, it must be done. The sooner you know about the problem, the sooner you can react to it. If you feel that you have a serious inventory problem, you might consider daily inventory.

Policy and Procedures

Make it clear to your staff what your policy and procedures are. Don't be afraid to let your staff know that you will prosecute anyone caught stealing.

Control your pours

Train your bartenders to free pour. Although there are many bartenders who do an excellent job at free pouring, there's many more who can't. Practice and verify pours with a measuring container. Re-train as necessary.

Pricing Strategy

Review your prices periodically. Don't be afraid to put your retail prices inline with your competition and make sure you have a well mix of products. Keep in mind, you best profits are with well drinks.