liquor auditing & stock control

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Our Aim

We are dedicated to providing bar owners, managers and inventory service providers with the latest bar inventory innovations.

Cloud based inventory & ordering solutions

With state of the art device integrations and software, we take the pain and frustration out of your beverage auditing.

Start your own Liquor Inventory Business

Our unique software licensing solutions offers anyone the opportunity to get involved in the liquor inventory business.

Our Management System Solutions

Liquor Audit Control provides a cloud-based solution for liquor auditing and stock control.

LAC provides state of the art macro enabled excel dashboard reporting in all major performance categories.

LAC provides a comprehensive module to manage Vendors, Vendor catalogs and purchase orders. With a few clicks, submit a purchase order to your vendor with an automated e-mail. Par levels and order amounts are calculated automatically based off your criteria in the setup. Once invoices and products are received, a few click and all invoices are automatically entered for the inventory cycle and you are done. We take the pain out of ordering!

Beverage Inventory Solutions

Venue owners and Beverage managers finally have a real cost effective enterprise solution to manage beverage stock. Options include managing your beverage stock completely or with the help of our professionals.

Business opportunities

If you are an inspiring entrepreneur wanting to start your own bar inventory business, LAC has you covered. LAC offers opportunities to individuals who would like to get involved in the Beverage inventory business. If you have extensive bar management experience and would like to put these skills to use in a way that allows you to build your own business, then this may be a great opportunity for you. We offer affordable subscription based products to help your Audit business be successful. Earn six figures with little overhead, or debt.

‘The biggest increase to our bottom line has been the liquor savings’

Owner “Time Out” Houston Texas

‘Accountability remains around 95% since using this system’

Owner “Rudyards” Houston Texas

‘LAC helps me with product accountability so I can focus on customer service and building my business.’

Ali, “Headliners”

‘LAC is necessary when you are an absentee owner like myself. I work a full time job away from my bar and with LAC’s detail reporting, I just meet with my manager once a week to address any problems.’

Bill Harris, “Texas Tavern”