About Us

Following a visit to Houston in 2012, LAC founder Paul Kettle figured there has to be a better way of conducting a bar inventory. In consultation with his brother Ben Alloggio, a bar inventory service provider, ”ACCULIQUOR”, Paul transformed his primitive spreadsheet-based customer report and inventory system into a fast, accurate and easy to use application.

Soon after partnering with UK-based software company Archanis, together they all collaborated to developed a unique cloud-based application that compares the exact amount (by the drink) of product dispensed during the reporting period against the amount of product recorded as sold through the point of sale (POS), displaying any variances within an easy to read interactive dashboard report. With LAC software, bar operators can discover real, fact-based opportunities to improve their profitability and revenue streams.

With over 55 years of experience combined in bar operations and software development. You can rest assured that you will be receiving a proven product.


The LAC Team

Paul Kettle


Ben Alloggio

Director of operations LAC/ Owner ACCULIQUOR

Henri Retief

Chief Software developer LAC / Owner Archanis