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LAC Professional Solution

  • No contract to sign
  • Use an optional bar code scanner and Blue tooth scale for improved efficiency and accuracy.
  • Point open bottles with our intuitive pointing slider with real stock images of the products
  • Can use a standard scale with manual entry or Bluetooth scale for auto entry.
  • Scan UPC bar code for product selection or select product manually from intuitive dropdown list.
  • Products DON’T need to be in any particular order when conducting audits, simply scan the product’s UPC code.
  • Thousands of products and images preloaded for easy start-up
  • Conduct shift, daily, weekly, Bi-monthly, and Monthly audits or any combination.
  • Multiple users can conduct counts simultaneously further improving efficiency.
  • Supports multiple venues and organizations.
  • Intuitive purchase order and vendor module allows venues to manage orders and invoices with seamless automation. Managing and ordering stock has never been easier.
  • Comprehensive recipe and product management modules
  • Integrated Dashboard reporting that includes inventory details and variances, recipes and sales, orders and trends. Excel reporting included. Beverage managers can view organization’s performance across all venues and date ranges.
  • POS sales tool allows venues to import POS sales directly into our application.
  • Also use for food and other product items
  • Batch recipe tool included.

LAC Easy Inventory Solution

  • LAC knows the challenges faced by owners and managers keeping their Venues profitable, particularly during these troubled times regarding COVID 19. Beverage inventory is tedious, time consuming and requires a level of knowledge and experience most Venue owners and managers do not have, and in some cases, they simply do not have time. This often results in a third-party inventory company providing this service, which can be expensive and not a viable option during these times.
  • Here at LAC, we developed a solution that allows Venues to take control of this information. We went back to the drawing board and created a solution that is easy, intuitive, and fast. In fact, so much so, even an owner, bar manager or bartender can complete an inventory in 30 minutes with a report that provides total drinks used, Total drinks sold, Cost, sales, and their variances. Additionally, calculation of Accountability, cost Percentage, and cost on-hand is provided.
  • How can we do this so fast? Traditionally, an auditor would inventory each product by category, type, size, and product name. This takes time to select each product for counting full and open products, even with advanced software. Our new concept is to inventory by product category, and size only. This reduces the time it takes by 60 to 90%. Our software incorporates this concept, not only in the inventory, but in recipes and Invoices, which further speeds up the process. We calculate cost at the category and size level based off simple invoice information the user inputs. Importing a POS p-mix into our system is simple and fast, with a click of a button.
  • We have conducted side-by-side comparisons using the traditional method, verses “Easy Inventory”, and the report results were almost identical, with only a minimal variance in cost of about 1 percent, and the time it took to complete was around 3 hours, verses 30 minutes respectively.
  • Our solution comes complete with Training videos to get up and running fast. Download a free trial and see for yourself.